Training With An Injury – Important Advice

Here’s some important advice around training with an injury

Being injured can be devastating to people who are set on a path to achieving their fitness goals. It is often considered a brick wall across the path to success that people find it hard to get around.

But being injured doesn’t mean you can’t train, it just means that you have to train smarter. You probably can’t keep doing the exact same program as you have been doing but there are always alternatives. It could be a good opportunity to work more on some other parts of the body that may be underused.

From experience, I have found that many people who suffer injuries take time off training with the aim of missing a week or 2 or a month or 2 and then plan to come back to training. But in this time of total inactivity they put on weight, lose muscle strength and tone, lose fitness and many never return to training.

A skilled personal trainer will be able to program and prescribe exercises to maintain strength and fitness through most common injuries.

It is only when someone has multiple injuries in various locations on the body that it can become difficult.

Remember that training will increase blood flow and assist in the healing process. Not to mention the help in maintaining mental wellbeing during an injury. Don’t use an injury as your excuse to stop striving to your goals. Seek the appropriate help to create a safe exercise program to keep you moving!

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