Tyson is very passionate and wants to help his clients achieve their goals and build a healthy and active lifestyle.

Tyson strives to ensure that he keeps up to date on training techniques and practices to ensure his clients can achieve optimal results. He will utilise his skills and knowledge to help you achieve your goals and to become your best self.

What is your training style?

My training style is to be client centred as I adapt my training style to best suit the client’s needs and goals taking current research and techniques to help each client achieve optimal results.

What can we expect in a training session with you?

You can expect a training program that is designed to best meet your needs and goals that makes you want to come back to continue to strive to achieving those goals.

Why are you a personal trainer?

My passion for the health and fitness industry and the rewarding feeling of helping others achieve their goals.

What are your hobbies?

My hobbies included my love for sport like football and basketball, I love to travel and to hang out with friends.

Outside of the gym, where is your happy place?

My happy place would be when I’m playing sport, hanging out with mates or when I can travel to another country.

What’s your favourite hype song for life?

I like all types of music and will listen to anything with a good beat.