What is your training style? (e.g. intense, relaxed, methodical, scientific)

My main guideline is to adapt to the individual’s abilities and goals, I want to provide the most suited personalised training session every time. I will remain methodical throughout to track progress and provide a lot of variety in the workouts. My own personal favourite training style involves taking on challenging  circuits to get the heart rate up while strengthening the body.

What can we expect in a training session with you?

Lots of smiles and positive energy, genuinity, honesty and care! Expect to be listened to, I sincerely care about my clients wellness and want to make sure you feel comfortable yet challenged. Expect to be encouraged to push your boundaries! Focus on getting the form right. A lot of variety to not get bored.

I aim at leaving the client feeling accomplished and joyful at the end of a session and hopefully motivate them to implement some exercising outside of the gym.

Why are you a personal trainer?

I am passionate about what exercise does to the body and the positive effects that It has on the mind. I have always wanted to promote a healthy lifestyle for ensuring longevity and comfort of life. I believe that exercise is key to health. I understand that starting exercising can be hard; it is my goal to make the process as smooth as possible. I want to share the knowledge I have acquired to help people see their potential and enter a healthy relationship with their body. I enjoy uplifting others and believe this is the best way I can provide value to the community!

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy exploring nature and new cultures, travelling is on top of the list, with hiking involved! Obviously, I like physical activities in general but weightlifting, swimming, and dancing are the key ones. I love a good sauna session. My nerdy side always drives me back to the sciences, I love learning and better understanding the world around me.

Where is your happy place (outside of the gym)?

My happy place would be reading a book beside an alpine lake or catching the rays (with sunscreen) on the beach. I usually enjoy sharing these sceneries with friends or my partner.

What’s your favourite hype song for life?

It’s quite hard to pick one song as any song that resonates with me would make me start dancing. I’m already hyped up enough as it is.