These 5 low-effort tips can help you raise healthy children

Over 300 Australians aged 15-24 committed suicide in 2016 and in 2020 remains one of our leading killers of young Australians.

It’s tragic to see so many young people fall victim to the inability to overcome adversity in their environment.

Being a parent myself, and progressing through life, I have witnessed firsthand why many people deteriorate when adversity strikes.

Through my own battles with adversity, I can agree many things are out of our control.

I’m positive that with the right mindset and application, you can teach yourself and loved ones to overcome adversity in a progressive and healthy way, just as I’ve been taught and continue to do so.

Through research and my own experiences, I’ve put together 5 key points that you can use to teach yourself, family and those around you.

1. A strong sense of belonging and unconditional love, support and safety.

The early caregiving relationship provides the primary context within which children learn about themselves, their emotions, and their relationships with others.

Without this foundation, there will be an emotional deficit that could later prove detrimental.

2. Morals and values.

A foundation of honesty, compassion, responsibility, and courage is a must. Although it comes to a point where encouraging self-direction is just as crucial. An individual needs to create and attach to his or her own morals and ideals so they can continue to create their identity.

3. Parents help positively identify children’s individuality to allow them to create high self-worth.

Being unique is a strength that separates people from being average. Without guidance and help identifying their unique traits as strengths, children can soon identify themselves as “weird” or “different” and end up burying themselves. Working with children for many years I have encountered many children with low self-worth, esteem and witnessed them, later on, lacking identity and direction.

4. Self-regulation

Self-regulation is the ability to manage emotions and impulses and to think before you react.

Teaching a child to self regulate to overcome adversity and restore equilibrium after experiencing life’s hurdles will accelerate their personal growth. Life will always have adversity but it is when people rise to the challenge that they’re rewarded with strength, character and progress.

5. Within your family place a high value on movement, health and education.

I cannot stress this point enough. Movement, health (both mental and physical) and education should be a staple in an individual’s upbringing. In my own experience, I found the vehicle you choose to seek these through is just as important.

Children need to be stimulated through these 3 avenues. When something is forced, it is no longer attractive, the investment dies out and the progress stops. Be flexible in how you implement and achieve these.

Now you have read these 5 points, identify them in your upbringing to see the impact they have had in creating who you are today.

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