NDIS Personal Training

In your very own private training room, our team of Exercise & Sport Scientists will have you looking and feeling your best with sessions that are designed to your needs and abilities. 

We are the only Personal Training facility in Victoria that exclusively employs university degree qualified trainers, offering every client their very own private training room and won’t lock you into any contracts.  

We cater for all ages and abilities because we want everyone to be as healthy they possibly can be. We pride ourselves on providing individualised training in remote training rooms to help every individual achieve their fitness and health goals. We are not your typical gym of personal trainers, we are here for you in every way possible. 


Fitness Advancement is a registered NDIS provider servicing Geelong, Surf Coast and the Bellarine areas. Currently, people with a disability are 1.7 times more likely to be obese as those without disability, and 3.3 times more likely to have three or more long-term health conditions as those without disability.

Our Accredited Exercise & Sport Scientists play a unique role, they provide clinical exercise interventions to support a range of physical, mental and psychosocial benefits. 

They can also assist participants under the NDIS to realise their goals and aspirations through evidence-based individualised exercise programs.

The power of expertly prescribed exercise is immeasurable. Exercise programs developed by our team for NDIS participants empower and support them to achieve goals in the areas of daily living, social inclusion and functional well-being.

If you are an NDIS participant or someone acting on their behalf, contact us today to book in a free consultation. 

We are a goal and result-focused training centre

We understand the importance of goal setting and how it feels to accomplish things that you never thought possible. Our training sessions are designed for you and will be set up before you arrive, all you got to do is show up and work out. 

At Fitness Advancement our staff is full of university accredited trainers. Employing a university qualified personal trainer means you will receive the highest level of education and professionalism to deliver you not only the results you are looking for and more!

A welcoming environment

Fitness Advancement offers one-on-one training and consultations in a welcoming environment that will help you reach your expectations. We are a health facility that has a holistic approach to fitness that includes diet, exercise and reflection to help you be both mentally and physically healthy.