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Our expert team can provide advice and a plan for your nutrition.

Diets are something that are different for every individual, here at Fitness Advancement we tailor every diet to each individual’s needs by continuing to ask questions about your food intake.  Our meal plans are designed and distributed within 48 hours of your consultation so you can start straight away. We take into consideration everything from likes, dislikes and intolerances to goals and body types. We even consider what meals you currently prefer and what macros should be consumed. An example of what one of our diets may look like is below but is important to note that you note this only an example and will not suit everyone.   

Some helpful tips for your nutrition

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  • Ideally, weigh out all your meals and make smoothies the night before. Preparation and consistency are key!
  • Drink 2L of water/fluid per day minimum, try to prioritise plain water, but this can also be in the form of;
  • Sugar-free soft drink, Sugar-free cordial, sugar-free black tea/coffee etc.
  • No alcohol or smoking.
  • Seasonings, herbs, and sauces are all okay IF they don’t contain unnecessary calories.  Use them to make your food appetising and enjoyable, but be cautious of adding extra calories.
  • If you need oil to cook, apply a small amount of canola cooking spray to the pan.
  • 7-9hrs sleep every night.