Privacy Policy

Information collected by Fitness Advancement

Fitness Advancement will collect and store your contact information including individual contact names, physical and postal address, phone numbers and email addresses. Fitness Advancement may also collect the following;

information about what services you have purchased or enquired about correspondence between you and Fitness Advancement

system notes about your products, services or conversations that have taken place

encrypted credit card details

What is done with your information

Fitness Advancement will never make your personal information available to a third party, with the exception of service partners like domain and ssl certificate registration companies.
Fitness Advancement may provide aggregate data such as our total number of clients, data used, or types of services provided.
Marketing material may be provided to you based on information stored such as interested products.
Fitness Advancement will store your credit card details in an encrypted database for the automatic billing of products and services
Fitness Advancement monitors users of it’s website including what pages are viewed, for how long, and how many times.

Marketing communications

By engaging with Fitness Advancement you will be added into marketing communications from us relating to our products and services, or products and services you have expressed or implied an interest in. This may be online, or via email/phone if you provide those details.

If you have any further queries about our privacy policy please feel free to contact us.