3 Ways To Ensure Success With Your Personal Trainer

Succeed with your personal trainer

By now most people have used or interacted with a personal trainer at some stage in their life. Unfortunately, we still see a large percentage of people out of shape, unhappy with their bodies and unhealthy. Here are 3 ways to make sure that next time you have a personal trainer, you get some success.

Be transparent with your personal trainer

There is little point working with someone and just aiming at a particular number on the scales. Humans are emotion-driven beings. Talk to your trainer about WHY you want what you want and how you’ll FEEL when you get it. If they are good they’ll be able to use this information to keep you motivated and on track, even when times are tough.

Multiple personal training sessions per week

If you are only seeing your trainer once a week you are missing out on the power of structure and accountability that breeds sustained motivation and gets results. If you’re doing one 60 minute session per week, split it in 2 and do your own warm-up beforehand.

Talk about your daily challenges with your personal trainer

Your trainer isn’t a mind reader, talk about why things are hard and may not be working for you, other than doing your weekly sessions and not getting the results you deserve. Guilt is a terrible motivator.

We hope this helps!

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